Revolution From TV To LED Screens

LED video screen

There was the time when people used to entertain themselves by getting a Television (TV) at their homes, undoubtedly, those who had TV at their homes were considered stylish and trendy people of course being rich was another aspect of it. One would be astonished that LED technology was first invented in 1962 and it was in the form of light i.e. LED light by a 33 young guy with the name Nick Holon yak Jr. keeping in view the clarity and the visibility of LED lights the need to implement the same technology on monitors and displays was emerged generically which is known as LED video screen.

Why LED video screen?

Why this LED video screen technology superseded all other old fashioned tech is due to the fact that LED technology provides an ample benefit which makes it the best choice for the consumers. Benefits such as: Energy conservation, other lighting disturbances and clear image after combating with the other lights present in the room.

Keeping in view TV size and shape, LED video screen is something which is easier to get along with, which includes the fixing of the physical LED screen in office or in house, the emission of blue light was considered in LED technology. LED video screen was invented to cater the need of emission of blue light which is actually harmful for the naked human eye, reducing the contact of harmful rays and bringing the best display possible for the user. In addition, the name itself “light emitting diode (LED)” which produces 90% efficient light and display and allows energy saving and immaculate display as an LED video screen.

Damages caused by LED video screen:

As per the research concluded continuous exposure of remaining blue peaks can cause enormous damage to the eye and brain of the user. As the name suggests it is a liquid display which keeps things flexible all the time, but still the damage is there as there isn’t any technology.

All in all LED is the new technology and things are different considering everything related to health and the display  with clarity, thin displays and eco friendly are available in the market. There is no way one can ignore the existence and the benefits which has occurred due to the existence of LED video screens. Eventually in future this will be the suitable option for everything just like LED display took over LCD display and monitor, technology is so ravishing and rapid that one thing which is working right now will be obsolete the very next day. What they call the beauty of technology.

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